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New wood projects, restorations and micro-abrasive blasting


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We are:

Manager Ann Bonami and partner Eric love to take you to the heart of Flanders where you can discover our crafty furniture and restoration company in the middle of the green meadows of Nevele.

You can enjoy a refreshing experience of soft classic wood furnishings, all kinds of smaller wood objects, restorations and micro-abrasive blasting.

Our cosy studio is built on two generations of professional knowhow and a lot of creativity.

Hopefully you get inspired  too by the unique creations we can offer!

Maurice Bonami, my father and mentor

In addition to all his inspiring ideas he taught me there is a solution to every problem. Throughout the years this life wisdom became our trademark. At first sight it seems as if he takes you back in time but surprisingly he will engulf you in a contemporary artistic universe of feel good creations that conquer your heart. Always a loving and open “wood pope” he would modestly admit: “Everything can be done better”.

Enjoy the photo’s.

Disciplines & specialities:

  • Two generations of professional knowhow in new modern wood projects and all kinds of restorations, small and large.
  • Strong sense of proportions, spatial insight and practical layout.
  • Opportunity to adapt to existing framework.
  • Hand turning creations going from very small to a maximum of 250 cm long and 50 cm wide.
  • Far-reaching knowhow of micro-abrasive blasting, the soft cleaning process of furniture in our studio and fixed joinery on location.
  • Experience in different finishing layers.
  • 60 years of “tub art”: a forgotten craft completely renewed.
  • Attaching great importance to further follow-up.

Recent work: Industrial rural kitchen